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Hello friends,

      If you are budget traveler then my blog will help you, because I am also a budget traveler  & always before I start my journey, I take some research like reading blogs,  post,  Google & at last but not a least, YouTube videos  and get lots of information  and save lots of money.  Not only about money you get lots of information, guidance & experience without  go that places. For example before I was going Srilanka,

beach of srilanka
Video Link : Kendy City, Sri Lanka

I watched YouTube videos of “Yatri Doctor” & “Mountain Trekker”. They are both good YouTuber. They upload their travelling videos like me but they are much much better than me. I saved lots of money in Srilanka.

How get bus ….

Negombo airport to Colombo city  ….

     I share with you one experience in Srilanka.  Colombo is capital of Srilanka but big & nearest international airport is Negombo. Negombo is different city. It’s so far for Colombo and cab or taxi  charge you minimum 2k to 3k Srilankan rupees. They all are so much expensive. 
     But after arrival  & immigration I take chartered bus to Colombo city from Negombo airport in just rupees 150 per person. If you have big luggage, they charge you luggage charges  50 to 100 rupees extra. And you know, buses was luxury. You get the bus in front of the airport. Lots of cab drivers approach you but don’t be shy to ignore them.
aeroplane window
Video Link : Apply online Visa

How get sim card …..

In Srilanka  …..

      When you reach Negombo airport, Srilanka after immigration, first you buy a Srilankan sim card from airport. Lots of stall & counter of mobile’s different companies are there. Good & cheap internet packages & calling packages are available, so don’t worry about your emails, uploading, video conferencing, live chat, music, movies, & specially Netflix, Amazon prime & Hotstar 😀.
      Airtel is better & cheap it’s my personal experience & opinion.

Rakesh Sharma

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