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Hello friends,
     I’m RAKESH SHARMA Cyclist, Youtuber, blogger, Astrologer & traveler. I’m sharing my experience about my Srilanka tour. Srilanka is a beautiful country and there people are very nice & cooperative. Srilanka is a island. One side of bay of Bengal & one side Arabian sea & in between Indian Ocean. I know my English is not good but I know very well you understand because I travel lots of places and share my experience & knowledge with new people with same english. And you know they understand very well.

Where I stay always….

        I stay always in hostel, backpackers & dormitory because of I saved lots of money. All tour are budget tour and it’s not about only money, it’s about knowledge, experience & learning. Because there lots of people check in daily. Every day you meet new country’s people. 
About travelling …..

Travelling is good source of learning, but it’s depend on which type of travelling, like business tour, RELIGIOUS tours, formalities tour, show of tour & at last but not the least true travel. Ok come to the topic. 

My Srilanka tour ….

About Srilanka 

    First tell you something about Srilanka. Srilanka’s population is 21.7 million approximately. Srilankan people use mainly two languages Sinhala and Tamil. Most of the people use Sinhala language. 70% people are follow Buddha religion they speak mostly in Sinhala language. 20% people are hindus, they speak mostly Tamil language and others are follow muslims, christians & etc. religion. Very low pollution I feel in Srilanka. Every where is greenery and beaches. Again I tell you people and administration are very cooperative. 

Srilanka is famous for ….

       Srilanka is famous for Ceylon tea but for Indians stone like blue sapphire and yellow sapphire and for me coconuts 😋, greenery, beaches & non pollution environment. One big thing.  Famous for Indians Ravana’s Lanka , Ravan ki lanka , sone ki lanka , Ravana’s place, Ravana’s fort. Maybe you listen about Ramayan .

Ramayana  …

Lanka : Video link
      I’m talking about Ramayan. It’s big Indian mythology. If you believe or read so you know very well, it’s big connection with Srilanka. First I tell you about Ramayan in short. Ramayan is RELIGIOUS book in India . Most of the Indian know about Ramayan. It’s very old and famous story. Some people believe it’s mythology, some believe it’s really happen in ‘treta yug’, Some people believe it’s just famous story like ‘kalpnik character’. In Ramayana so many characters but Lord’s Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and specially Ravana. Ram & Lakshman was brother. Sita was Ram’s wife. Hanuman was big follower of Ram. Like bhakt, brother,  protector, warrior and Ravana was great king of Lanka. He was powerful ruler. He was very knowledgeable, intelligent, intellectual. That’s  why he was arrogant. 

        He kidnapped Sita from India because Lakshman cut the nose of his sister Shoopnkha. That’s  why Ram attacks on Lanka and killed Ravana . Hanuman found the Sita after kidnapped.  Hanuman crossed the ocean by fly. He has special powers. Indians believe Hanuman is also God. God of powers.  After found Sita he told Ram’s all information and location of about Sita. Then Ram attacks on Lanka  and killed Ravan. It’s Indian mythology. I tell you in very very short. Indian people believe Lanka is now srilanka. That’s why I told you ramayana’s big connection of Srilanka. 
-Rakesh Sharma

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