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10 rules to follow while travelling to Seaside

10 rules to follow while travelling to Seaside 

Hello friends,
My name is Rakesh Sharma. Today I am talking about my seaside travelling. It was great experience. You know friends we are very lucky because our country is not landlock country. I think you know very well, what is landlock meaning. 
Ok I will explain.  
What is landlock country mean  ?

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Landlock country …

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Friends landlock country means, country which has no Coastal borders, No dockyard, no beaches. Only land border. Like Nepal,  Bhutan etc. 
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So we’re very lucky as a Indian because we have both border. Land borders and Coastal borders. We have beaches. So today, I write my blog about travelling rule of beach side. 
Dhanushkodi beach
Beach of Bay of Bengal

10 rules to follow while travelling to seaside …

Rule no.1 

You should know swimming

Friends if you want to enjoy the beaches fully, you must know good swimming. Then you enjoying surfing, bath, water sports etc without any fear.
Rule no.2
Must have some safety gadgets & products
When you visit beaches you must have some safety gadgets and products. Like  swimming tube, whistle,  waterproof pouch for mobile , your money, cards

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Top beaches in goa
Miramar beach, Goa
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Rule no. 3

Always  carry some food & water

Yes my friends, always carry food and water with you because when you swim and take bath after that you feel hungry and thirsty. And  alone beaches has no shops , market  and crowd.

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Rule no. 4

Never swim after drink alcohol 

Remember, never swim in beach after take alcohol. Because you feel overconfident then you will become unconscious and  take risk with anything. Sea will be very dangerous after alcohol. After swimming you take beer or any hard drinks and enjoy. But remember beer bottles, cans & garbage throw in dustbin. Keep all beaches clean. 
Beach view
Chapora fort, Goa
Rule no 5.

Use sunscreen 

Always keep sunscreen lotions or creams because UV light burns your skin when you relax on beach. 
Rule no 6.

Get all information 

Get all information about the beach before you go. You should know about sharks attack information at your beach. You get information about jellyfish. 
Goa weather
Dona Paul beach, Goa
Rule no 7.

Get all information about weather 

You know about that day when you plan to visit beach. It’s rainy day or not. High tide information. Storm information.  So you check forecast. 
Rule no.8

Clean beach always 

Always leave clean beach. It’s your beach. You should care the beach.  You should take revolution.  When you go beach you should collect some plastic or garbage and clean beach. You need Clean beach is your fundamental right but you keep clean beach is your Fundamental duties. 
Goa current situation
Bagga beach, Goa
Rule no.9

Say no to plastic 

Always remember plastic is very dangerous for sea world. Plastic is dangerous for fish, turtle, crabs, shells & lots of others. Don’t use plastic specially at beach. 

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Rule no.10

When you fishing 

When you fishing at beach keep remember that don’t kill pregnant fish-crab and kid fish & crab. After caught them you must release them in sea for free life.  It’s necessary for Ocean’s life circle.  It’s water eco system.

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Current situation of goa
Sunset view at beach
I think you will be satisfied with my rules. 
And I hope you will remember & follow them.
Thanks for reading,
RAKESH SHARMA Cyclist, Explorer, Youtuber 

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