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Facts of Goa : Goa Current Situation 2021

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The smallest state of India

     Goa is the south west coastal state in India. It is halfly surrounded by India states like Maharashtra in north side and Karnataka in east and south side and west side is all water and water. It is stretching along with Arabian Sea and geographically it is separated by the Deccan land by the Western Ghats. Goa is the smallest state of India, it is fourth-smallest by population, as per 2021, and there are 15.28 lakhs is Goa current populations. People living in Goa are called Goan. Goans have their different language like Konkani, Marathi & Kannad. Goa has highest GDP. 
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For which thing Goa is famous? Goa is famous for beaches like most popular and the biggest one is the Calangute Beach. Most of the tourist visit Goa for Christmas and New Year Eve. Celebrities are often visiting Goa for vacation; they stay at Planet Hollywood Resort in South Goa, one of the most popular and finest resorts of Goa. People say that Goa is the beauty because:-

Panjim church goa
Panjim Church

  • Capital of Goa (Panaji or Panjim)
  • What is the capital of Goa, famous places in Goa 

   In Konkani Ponje, Panjim is located in North Goa and it is the Headquarter of North Goa in Tiswadi (Taluka). As per 2021, there are 1,14,789 population in Panaji. There are some sights that you can visit like Immaculate Conception Church. You can also visit some monuments like Se Cathedral etc. there are some cruises in Panjim like Casino Pride, Deltin Royale. People go cruises for playing casino too.

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  • The largest city of Goa:- (Vasco Da Gama)

     Vasco Da Gama is also known as Vasco. It was found with a Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama. As per 2021, there are 1.5Lakhs populations. The city was in 1543.


Beach of goa

  • Beaches in Goa : Why Goa beach is famous 

Goa beaches information 

     As you know Goa is also famous for Beaches. There are so many famous beaches in Goa. There are two types of beaches, North beaches and South beaches. North Beaches are very crowdy people say that there is no space to enjoy like Baga Beach, Calangute beach, but there are few beaches in North Beaches which are not very crowdy it is very spacious like Morjim Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach & etc. South beaches are also having same situation like North Beach. Here are a long list of north goa and south goa beaches.  There are Watersports too in both the beaches like Paragliding, Surfing etc. Calangute beach is the biggest beach of Goa. Whenever you go beach you find some shops before entering to the beach, many people buy tubes, swimming costumes, etc.

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  • Politics in Goa

Which political party is ruling in Goa is Bharatiya Janta Party. The chief minister of Goa is Mr. Pramod Sawant of BJP (born on 24 April 1973). He represent as Senquelim Consistuency in Goa and who is the governor of Goa is Bhagat Singh Koshayari, the governor of Goa (born on 17 June 1942). He was 1st state president for Uttrakhand. He is represented by BJP.

  • Which are political boundaries of Goa 

    Boundary in north of Goa is connected with Maharashtra, east and south boundaries are connected with Karnatka and in the west, boundary of Goa is connected with Arabian sea. 

  • Education in Goa

     People who live here or shift or visit to Goa always wants the good education for their kids. Why? Is Goa good for education? Answer is yes.  There are 2,153 schools all over Goa including primary, middle, secondary & higher secondary schools. Mostly schools also teach Portuguese & Konkani with the random subjects. According to the people feedback, they say that the best school in all over the Goa is Kendriya Vidyalaya controlled by CBSE. Literacy of Goa was 87.40% as per 2011 population census. 


Culture of Goa

     Goans are to be said that they are born with music and football. The most popular sport is football and the most enjoyable work is to listen music. At all over the Goa, there are many religious living here like (ratio: high to low) Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. The festivals which are mostly celebrated are Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year & Easter.
There are many plantations in Goa like Teak, Sal, Cashew, Jackfruits & Mangoes etc.

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  • Rare festivals of Goa

As I told you the festivals name in previous topic, there are more festivals rather than the random one like Tulsa-Tulsi Divas (no particular date), Goa Carnival (no particular date), Old Man day on 31st December every year, Liberation day on 19th December every year, enjoy them also.

  • Travel guide for Goa

Many people visit Goa but they don’t know about the transport routes like Bus Stand, airport, Railway Stations, Taxi & Pilot. Must check Goa weather report before come to Goa. So read the following information Goa tourism

Bus Stand: – KTC bus stand, Volo bus stand are in Panjim. There are few bus stand in Old Goa like Old Goa bypass, Old Goa Gandhi Circle etc. you can also find many buses of all roots on Goa’s main market Mapusa.

 Airports: – Goa International airport in Dandolim, this is the main airport in Goa. There are some helipads in Dona Paula, Candolim & Quitol named Raj Bhawan Helipad, Sequirem Helipad & Quitol helipad respectively.

Railway Stations: – There are many Railway Stations in Goa like in Panjim & Madagaon.

Taxi & Pilot: – You are all familiar with the word taxi, but you might be don’t know about pilot. Pilot is the same concepts as Ola-Uber have but Ola-Uber facility is not available in Goa. But you can find Pilot Stand.

Goa current situation after lockdown 

After covid-19 lockdown situation is change every where. You must check Goa current covid cases. Is Goa beach open or not.

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History of Goa

    When our Country India got Independence through British rule, Goa was still in the hand of Portuguese after the independence of India, and they fought for their freedom. But on 19th December 1961 Goa was free with the hand of Portuguese. Goa independence from Portugal and that day is celebrated as Liberation Day. But still Goa cannot fulfill themselves, after the Independence of Goa, Goa was counted as the Indian union territory and Goa wants to be the part of India states and they again fought a fight for it and that wish of Goa was accepted on 30th May 1987. After that day in which year Goa get independence, Goa is free and counted as state of India that made history of Goa before Portuguese 
Sunset of goa

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