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Top five beaches of Goa

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Top five beaches of Goa are:-

1. Morjim Beach

2. Vagator Beach

3. Ozran Beach

4. Baga Beach

5. Sinquerim Beach

Morjim Beach 

     Morjim Beach is counted as most beautiful beach in Goa, it is the cleanest beach of Goa. Morjim Beach lies in Morjim area near Siolim. It is 57 km far from Panjim. Morjim Beach is also called as white sand beach because all the sand in Morjim Beach is white. It is 18 km long, Morjim beach is connected with two Beach Mandarime and Arambol Beach. Basically, when you will reach to Morjim beach you will find Chapora fort in front of you and its very near, but from car it is 15 km (approx*) far.
     Morjim beach is also connected to a river in Badem. People have found that while enjoying the beach sometime they have saw Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, this species are very rarely found on Earth, so if someone will touch or destroy this species or its egg, he or she will be punished by the Indian Law. Morjim beach is also popular as Dolphins. In this beach, most of the people are from Russia, so this beach is called Little Russia. From people reviews, they say that we can enjoy very easily in this beach because there are many Ponds and we can leave are kids there easily. Morjim beach is very spacious you can get your personal space there.
dauna paul
     One side of the beach, there are some shops like kite surfing, tea stall and that area is very crowdy, but other side of beach you will not find any single person there, you can run as much far you want. Some people bring their dogs or other animals too. To entering in Morjim beach there are three stages like 1st is the Parking, many people who comes with car, bikes or scooter they park them in a parking, parking area has many trees like forest, 2nd stage is grass, you will find some grasses and front of the grasses you will see water and beach which is the last stage. Morjim beach also have party like late night party and sunrise party. 

Vagator Beach

     Vagator beach lies in Vagator-Anjuna area in North Goa. This beach has no rocks. Some people say it Big vagator because it has the smaller called Ozran beach, Vagator beach is connected to Ozran beach. This beach is found behind Chapora fort, and in front of Morjim beach. There are many resorts, restaurants, hotels etc located in mountain inside vagator beach.
     There are many parties are enjoyed but one of them is the famous, The Sunrise Party. Before entering beach there are many shops for buying clothes, hats, sunglasses, tubes, swimming costumes, slippers and other accessories. There are vehicle parking also.
chapora fort

Ozran Beach

     Ozran Beach is just connected to Vagator Beach on the left side. Ozran Beach also called as rock beach because there are many rocks in the beach. Ozran  Beach is 8 km far from the main market of Goa: Mapusa and 22 km far from Panjim. Ozran Beach is 30 km long. Best time to visit beach is October-February because in this season Goa have pleasant weather.
     This beach have some water sports too like Banana Boat Rides, Rides on Water Scooters, Swimming etc. Before entering beach, there are many shops, resorts, restaurants. There are cars, bikes, jeeps, scooters parking, also there is a rock sculpture of face of Lord Shiva.

Baga Beach

     Baga Beach lies in North Goa. It comes under Calangute. Baga Beach is 2 km long. Baga Beach is also popular as Baga Creek. This beach is very narrow and have many fishing boats as a water sports. Beach water is mainly come from The Arabian Sea. Baga Beach is connected to Candolim Beach. This beach is 15 km far from Panjim. Parasailing, Jet Ski, Bumper Ride, Knee boarding are few water
sports in this beach.

Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach is in Candolim area. Sinquerim
Beach is connected to Calangute beach. Sinquerim Beach is 13 km far from Panjim.
People say that this beach water is perfect for swimming. This beach is famous
for late night party like the famous one is the sunbrise party; this party is
celebrated on the month of December Sinquerim Beach is also famous for Agauda
. There is a famous night club named Sinq night club, all tourist prefer
this night club for enjoy. There are many spas in this beach like Goa Marriott
Spa, Taj Holiday Village Spa
and etc.

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