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Ship got STUCK in Suez Canal

Ship got STUCK in Suez Canal


   At 23 March 2021, a ship called Ever Given get stuck at Suez Canal by
travelling Tanjung (in Malaysia) to Rotterdam (in Netherlands). So today on
this blog let’s read about it.


Suez Canal

About Suez Canal


    Suez Canal is a man-made canal which joins Medditerrian Sea & Red Sea
lies in Egypt. It is a sea level waterway which helps to cross the area. It is
193 Km long, It was made by 5.1 Million workers and it took 10 years to
complete Suez Canal. It was completed on 1869 and started on 1859. The total amount
spent while making the Canal was
100 Million $ which means, according
to today price rate the total amount spent will be
3 Billion $. 


    This canal helps to divide Africa and Asia. This Canal is controlled by
the Egypt Government. The time when the government of Egypt nationalized the Suez
Canal then Israel, French & Britain have the big war with Egypt for the reason
to nationalized it. The war was also defined as The Suez Crisis. There was a
secret agreement between 22 & 24 October 1956 and this agreement was came
to know for people it was kept secret till long times, this agreement was
between only the government of Israel, United Kingdom & France. 


     The agreement was about the joining of political and military collusion for the Egypt leader Gamel Abdel Nasser for covering sue canal in their hand. This agreement applied and started began on 29 October 1956. If we talk about the History of Sue Canal
then, on 22nd October 1956, David Ben-Gurion, the Prime Minister of
Israel that time, and Shimon Peres, the Direct General of Minister of Defence gone to the secret isolated house in serves in France for the same topic they made agreement.


About the Ever Given ship


     Ever Given is the cargo ship and is the largest ship in the world. It is
400m long which is double than the Titanic and longer than Eiffel Tower. The
width of a ship is 300m approx. It helps to carry the loads and reach to
different area. It is owned by Japanese Shoei Kisen Kaisha and operated by the Taiwanese
company called Evergreen Marine. The ship was completed on 25 September 2018 and
launched on 9 May 2018. 


     This ship contains 13 containers. Egypt government earns
lot of money from the tolls charges of this ship, in 2020 Egypt earns 5.61
Billion $ by the toll charges of this ship. The captain of a ship is Marwa Elselehdar. 


About the situation happened in 2021


    Staffs in the ship said that there were 25 Indians as a crew working in
the ship and 20,000 cargo.

Reason: Because the ship jammed the responsibility of this case should be on that 25 Indians. So they told that are the corner from front and east corner from back of the ship was directly insert through the sand very badly and deeply because of Poor visibility, High Winds & Sandstorm.

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