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The most historical colonial state: West Bengal

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 West Bengal

west bengal

Geography of West Bengal

   The specialty of West Bengal is that this is the only state in India which have The Himalayas, Duars Forests and also have the vast Beaches which is connected to Bay of Bengal and that is the reason why West Bengal is called as “Accident of Geography”. West Bengal lies in eastern coastline of  India which is connected to Bay of Bengal.  The area of West Bengal is 88,752 km2

     The population of West Bengal as per 2021 is 10 crores. There are 70.54% of Hindu. The countries that our neighboring West Bengal is Nepal, Bangladesh & Bhutan. There are some Indian states too that neighboring West Bengal are Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim and Jharkhand. The language spoken in West Bengal is Bengali, Hindi, Santali, Somewhere Urdu & Nepali in Darjeeling

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  There are 15 Beaches in West Bengal like Digha Beach, Tajpur Beach, Bakkhali Beach, Mandarmani Beach, Fraerganj Beach, Falta Beach, Junput Beach, Sagardwip Beach, Shankarpur Beach & Talsari Beach. The richest city in West Bengal is Kolkata, and even Kolkata is a capital of West Bengal. There are 72 cities in Kolkata. 

    The beautiful city is Darjeeling, Darjeeling is most popular tourist place of West Bengal. The biggest city of West Bengal is Bardhaman city it is about 7,024 km². The most famous in West Bengal is Terracotta Temples in Bishnupur. It is known as world’s second largest chandelier and even it is India’s largest staircase.

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Weather of West Bengal

water lily west bengal

    The climate in West Bengal is Tropical Climate. In the area of Sandakhpahu in West Bengal have stunning escapes of snowfall during the month of December and January. In summer times the average temperature is around 38-40°C . In winter the average temperature goes to 2°C. The best timing to visit West Bengal as per weather is October to mid April and as per people reactions, the best time to visit Darjeeling is February, March and November because that time Darjeeling looks very peaceful and very beautiful. There is a very short time rain in West Bengal in the month of June.

Culture of West Bengal

    People in West Bengal have the same religious as we normal people have. There are many mixed religions in West Bengal like Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs & Jains. Hindu and Muslims are the most populate religions in West Bengal. The traditional dress in West Bengal is Saree. Cricket and soccer are the famous Sports in West Bengal. 

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Food of West Bengal

    In every corner of this world there are three types of food regular food festival food and season food. First regular food regular food means the food which is made home made and you eat in your daily life without any special ingredients like in West Bengal fish and rice are probably made in people daily life and it is also homemade in West Bengal language it is called “machhi”. 

    Second festival food festival food mans food which is made in festival like in West Bengal have many different festivals like Durga Puja but in West Bengal unfortunately there is no special festival food in festival season time. Seasonal food which is made in the season of the vegetables or fruit like for example every fruits and vegetables have their own time and season for eatable and some of them doesn’t have any time you can eat it anytime like for summer in West Bengal aamdaar is the food which is mostly eaten in the time of Summer it is made of RAW mangoes and with daal. In the season of winter luchi and aloo chorchori food is eaten as a breakfast. It is a hot fluffy paratha type structure. 

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Festival in West Bengal

durga puja west bengal

    There are many festival celebrated in West Bengal like the famous one is Durga Puja. It is made in whole of West Bengal State. Durga Puja is a festival in which all the people surrounding come outside in the streets and celebrate this taped Durga Puja celebrated for the four days. There are more festival which are only also celebrated in the whole over the India like Basant panchmi, Dussehra, Holi etc. 

Agriculture in West Bengal

     West Bengal is the states which ranks first in the paddy and the vegetable selling production towards the country. Afterwards, Uttar Pradesh is the first state in potato production where lies West Bengal stands second in potato production also the popular agriculture fruits and vegetables are potato and then afterwards jute pineapple litchi mango and flowers growing of pulses maize and oil seeds are very faster in West Bengal rice is the food which is eaten in the important way and also rises the principal crop of West Bengal they are 17 lakh farmers in West Bengal

assam tea

Politics in West Bengal

    Politics which means a government who wrote the state or country or particular society in West Bengal the major political parties are Congress and Bharatiya Janata party the governor of West Bengal as per 2021 is Jagdeep Dhankar and the chief minister of West Bengal as per 2021 is Mamta Banerjee the deputy chief minister is as per 2021 is vacant since November 2000 the party who is ruling right now. As per 2021 is all India Trinamool Congress Dilip Bandhu who is the SP of Kolkata the capital of West Bengal I the lord William Bentinck was the first government rules West Bengal in the time of 1774 to 1839

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Top destinations

    There are many top destinations in West Bengal like Kolkata, Darjeeling, Sundarbans, Digha beach and Sundarban National park, even they are more. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and every capital of a state is designed as a very beautiful destination for visiting that place so Kolkata have many colonial history and mother Teresa tomb.

    Darjeeling is the mountain with the very beautiful view people are often mostly used to go. Darjeeling there are having many sports like skydiving for enjoying the view in more different.

     Digha beach is the oldest beach in West Bengal and also have Chander Ishwar temple. Digha beach was the first beach in West Bengal.

    Sundarban National park is a very huge nature preserve with the view of animals and some water animals you can enjoy the view by sitting on the boat. The back provides you the boat for easily enjoy the park 

Monuments in West Bengal

    West Bengal is a very historical state of India there are many e colonial historical monuments which was from the past Mughal rule and British rule.

Rasmancha in Bishnupur

RASMANCHA is a very unique temple made by break it is lie I in Bishnupur it was built by bhai malla King v i r hambir in 1600 CE. This temper have a pyramid shape Vishnav ras is a festival celebrated in West Bengal in the time of this festival people who become idol of Radha Krishna used to come in this temple however this festival was stopped after the year 1932.

bishnupur west bengal

Clives house in dumdum

This is a house it is also called as the very oldest house in West Bengal this lies in dumdum area of Kolkata Clive name goes to a British officer who helped for establishing East India company. Dum dum is a area in Barrackpore which is 15 km far from the Kolkata centre now a days house is not in a good condition because it have a very long time. People say that this house is a Haunted House. 

Minar in pandua 

This is the minar which shows a symbol of of victory this was built by Shah safiuddin in the time of 1348 AD this is a very historical monuments in the region of West Bengal

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Reaching towards West Bengal

     All the main airports and railway stations bus stops are are in Kolkata only

    There are many different ways for reaching West Bengal like from New Delhi, distance from New Delhi railway station to Kolkata railway station by train is 1444 kilometre. By flight from New Delhi to Kolkata airport will be 1311 kilometre.

    If you go West Bengal from Mumbai then it will be 1944 kilometre this will take you 29 hours to 38 hours for reaching West Bengal. By flight from Mumbai to Kolkata air 1663 kilometre and the timing for reaching West Bengal is 1 hour to 2 hour.

    If you go West Bengal from Chennai so it will take 1662 km the timing from Chennai to to West Bengal by f train takes 28 hours 30 minutes to reach West Bengal. 

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