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A state impressed by French architecture: Pondicherry

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A state impressed by French architecture: Pondicherry

      Puducherry is also known as Pondicherry. the time of very early days it was called the Pondicherry unlocationl 2006 after that it was known as Puducherry. Puducherry is a family vacation place. You can also come with friends but people say that you must come with your family. Puducherry is not a state it is a union territory of India. It is a district of Tamilnadu State. Puducherry is a district which shares more culture and language more than other area and States. 
     If we talk about the history of Puducherry so instead of British rule or Portuguese rule Puducherry had French rule until 1954. The founder of Puducherry was François Martin on 1674. After several times he became chief France settlement of India and also become first general governor of Puducherry from 1634-31 December 1706. Because it was found by a France governor Puducherry is also known as second capital France-“Paris of the East”. 

Geography of Puducherry

     There to area divided in Puducherry like once I was a rich and totally have a France architecture like for example France colony, white town. And one side you will find houses like indias local people have in South side. Puducherry have four sides in which one side coastal area connected with the bay of Bengal and other three side is connected with the Tamil Nadu state. The total area of Puducherry is 483 Km2. The total population as per 2021 is 850,000. 
    Puducherry also have three parts in different area like Yanam, Mahè and Karaikal. Yanam is also called as French Yanam. It join the India in the time of 1954 It is located in Andhra Pradesh. The total area Yanam have is 30 km2. Mahè is also called as Mayyashee. It is located in Kerala. People often doesn’t know about this place but they know Puducherry Yanam and karaikal. It is also French colonial history the total area I have is 9 km square and the population is 41,816 as per 2021. Karaikal comes in the area of Puducherry. The all three parts is a union territory like Puducherry. 
    The coastline of Puducherry is 150 kilometre. If we talk about the beach there are 5 beaches in Puducherry Promenade beach, Paradise beach, Serenity beach and Vurampattanam beach. The most popular beach of Puducherry is promenade beach it is also called as Rock beach it is 1.2 km long. This beach starts from war memorial and finish on dupliex park. This beach hai brown colour of sand this beach is popular because of sunrise and also beautiful moon rise. The beach water is connected with the bay of Bengal. The biggest city/place of Puducherry is Arian Kuppam. 

Weather of Puducherry

     The most hottest month of Puducherry is May. It highly rice up to 30.4°C. the most coldest month of Puducherry is January it highly rise up to 28°C. October is the most wettest month of Puducherry because October have non stop rain. The best time to visit Pondicherry as per weather is October and March. In this time the the temperature is mild 15°C to 30°C. In the time of March is a mild temperature and in October you can enjoy the rainy season. 

Culture of Puducherry

    After the the freedom from of French rule people of Puducherry was influenced by the France architecture like cuisine and lifestyle so they keep maintained the lifestyle and also use handicrafts items like leather, wood crafts. Puducherry is famous for churches temple and statues the style of churches temples and statues are influenced by France architecture. People say that Puducherry is a very quiet and calm City. It is also count as a rich city of India. 
     Pomegranate famous fruit Eaten in Pondicherry. Saree is the traditional dress of the place and people used to make a big priority garments and jewellery to wear with the dress. The gold is very famous for jewellery. Surfing, scuba diving and boating are the top 3 famous sports in Puducherry. Tamil is the language spoken in Puducherry and English language is also spoken in Puducherry. Somehow French is also spoken that is very interesting. For example, people of Punjab have a craze to go Canada, Kerala people have a craze to go Dubai, same people of Puducherry have a craze to go western countryside. 

Cuisine in Puducherry

     I know I am again saying this sentence that we have inspired architecture from France and it is in every single thing you will relate it from France. Same as cuisine means food, in every cafe every restaurant every hotel you will find France food style or dish. Baguettes and croissants with coffee is eaten in breakfast. Also eaten Ratatouille etc. And for the South Indian dishes masala dosa, sambar, vada and idli are cooked as a breakfast.Tourist who came in Puducherry are very excited to eat french food in India. 

Top 5 French food restaurant in Puducherry are

  • Crepe in touch
  • New banana cafe and restaurant
  • Satsanga
  • Les saveurs 
  • Hotel Vijay resort 
And same top 5 Indian food restaurant in Puducherry are
  • Puducherry hotel Sri kamatchi
  • Finz
  • La villa
  • Villa Shanti
  • Surguru
    Local people most eat seafood because if any state have a foster lines local people use to eat seafood most of the time. Popular vegetables local Pondicherry people eat in daily life are beans, soya and peas. Also eaten few items like beetroot potato and cereal. There are some French dishes eatemt in Puducherry like salad Nicois, poisson du jour, pate de foie gras and rillets. 

Festivals in Puducherry

    Pongal is the main and important festival of Pondicherry local people. Pongal is also named khara Pongal. Also called venn in Tamil language. It is eaten in breakfast at time of Pongal. It is also served with extra sambar and coconut chutney.Fete de Pondicherry is a festival celebrated for a freedom of Pondicherry. On this day a lot of culture of Pondicherry is shown Sanskranti is a festival which is celebrated continuously for 3 days. These are the top 3 festival celebrated in Puducherry. Hope you will enjoy them beautifully. 

Agriculture in Puducherry

     In agriculture, Pondicherry doesn’t have any rank for paddy but there are some major food crops grown in Puducherry like Bajra, pulses, rice and ragi and some cash crops like sugarcane, groundnuts and cotton are grown. The main crops and the most growing amount of crop is sugarcane. There are 61,370 (as per 2021) farmers in Puducherry which can also be called cultivators or agricultural workers. 

Politics of Puducherry

     The first government ruled Puducherry was Edouard Goubert from 1963 to 1964. The chief general governor was François Martin from 1634 to 31 December 1706 who was the founder of Pondicherry. Pondicherry is a union territory who is ruled by Indian National Congress Puducherry have 33 seats in which 3 are nominated and 30 are elected. The chief minister of Puducherry is vacant (President) and the governor of Pondicherry is Dr tamilisai soundararajan as per 2021. 

Tourism and top destinations

As per report, there are 1.31 lakh tourist used to come Pondicherry every year. Tourist of France & Europe used to come most in Pondicherry. For exploring Pondicherry you are allowed anytime you want without passes and permissions. Tourist visit Pondicherry used to come in these destinations like
Promenade beach
  • Arikamedu
  • Aurobindo ashram
  • Auroville beach
  • Paradise beach 

The top 10 must visit places are 

  • Aurobindo ashram, Pondicherry is popular as Aurobindo ashram this is a must visit place.
  • Auroville beach, auroville beach is the biggest, spacious and cleanest beach of Pondicherry.
  • French war memorial 
  • Gandhi statue, which is also a biggest Gandhi statue of Asia.
  • Promenade beach, the beach is famous for sunrise and moonrise. 
  • Puducherry museum 
  • The sacred heart Basilica 
  • mandappam 
  • Auroville monument 
  • Arikamedu 

Some streets to visit 

  • French colony, as told, in one side of Pondicherry it’s all French architecture and French colony is one of them you don’t need to buy or eat something by walking also you can travel France in Pondicherry.
  • White colony, it’s a French colonial Era which have some merged Tamil, Indian and French architecture.
  • Heritage colony, it lies in 360° opposite from the French colony and white colony. In this Heritage colony you will find South Indian local people architecture and houses. 

Top hotels 

  • Le Pondy:- 10,620 is the per night cost including breakfast. It is the most finest and popular hotel in Pondicherry. 
  • Cours Chabrol, this hotel have a beach in front of the house so that you can enjoy the view.
  • Maison Perumal hotel and resort, with free Wi-Fi 
  • And the cheapest one is Sachin sea view residency with 680 rupees per night.

Reaching in destinations

   There are many bus stops you will find in Puducherry and not only bus stops mostly people are used to rent a bike, scooter and in very less amount car too. People say that you can travel Pondicherry in comfortable if you rent a bike or scooter.

Distance from States

In this para you will get to know distance from different states like 
Delhi- 2,369.6 KM, by Car the time is 39 hr and by train it take 1 Day 16 hr.
Mumbai- 1,346.7 KM, by Car the time is 22 hr 50 minutes and by train is 1 day 10 hours. 
Chennai- 150.7 KM, by Car the time is 2hr 57 minutes and by train is 4 hr 5 minutes.
Kerela- 477 KM, by Car the time is 8hr 55 minutes and train is not available for Kerala to Pondicherry. 
Panjim, Goa- 961.6 KM, by Car the time is 18 hours and by train the time is 1 Day 3 hr.
Andhra Pradesh- 537.5 KM, by Car the time is 9 hr and train is not available for Andhra Pradesh to Pondicherry.
West Bengal- 1,824.4 KM, by Car time is 37 hr and train is not available for West Bengal to Pondicherry. 
Gujarat-2,012.1 KM, by car is 34 hr and train is not available for Gujarat to Pondicherry.
Jammu and Kashmir- 2,962.1 KM by car the time is 50 hr and by train is 2 days 2 hr.
Assam- 2,985.5 KM, by car the time is 60 hr and train is not available for Assam to Pondicherry. 
Punjab- 2,752.2 KM, by car the time is 56 hr and train is not available for Punjab to Pondicherry.
That’s all guys it was my full information from Pondicherry. I tried a lot to give you as much as good information as I can so I hope you like this if you did then don’t forget to subscribe my blog so that you can stay tuned for my next informative blog…..
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