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Cherrapunji: Sohra

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Geography of Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji lies in East India near Assam in Meghalaya state. Cherrapunji is a village under Meghalaya state. State government of Cherrapunji have changed the name from Cherrapunji to Sohra. Sohra means fruits because Cherrapunji is famous of oranges. It is the most wettest place on the world but Mawsynram is taking place of Cherrapunji from most received rain of the world. It rains minimum for 10 months but it is called that rain never stops in Cherrapunji, it continuously rain here. Population of Cherrapunji is 20,000 approx as for 2021. People who live in Cherrapunji are known as Khasis. Language spoken in Cherrapunji is Khasis or English. Cherrapunji have 1,430 m of evaluation and face towards Bangladesh. 

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Weather of Cherrapunji

Because Cherrapunji is the most received rain in the world so the break record is on July 1861 it received 9300 mm rain. With lots of rain, Sohra still have a shortage of water because all the rain water which lands down are directly slides towards Bangladesh. The best time to visit Cherrapunji is monsoon only. In History, people of Cherrapunji says that the weather is never changed in the past 1000+ years. Even if it’s not raining then it may be mild temperature over the area. Weather is always pleasant all over the year. Cherrapunji have a daily percentage of 80 or above for precipitation. In the month of July and August Cherrapunji have the most rain. Because of lots of rain Cherrapunji also have disasters like cyclone. 

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The famous food for Cherrapunji is pork momos. Local people means khasis people are used to eat pork momos in their daily life. Rice is the staple food for Cherrapunji. Sohra pulao is the traditional food cooked with vegetables and oil but the pulao is without spices. The famous fruit is banana and in Cherrapunji it is called Cherrapunji Banana


Basically people are used to agriculture oranges, coffee beans, Paan, Bay leaves and sweet potato. Also potatoes, rice, maize, pineapple, spices and Papaya. Farmers are used to take a big responsibility to protect plants and trees from 24/7 rain. 


As per 2021, Indian government party INS is ruling Cherrapunji by Chief Minister Mukul Sangma

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Tourism in Cherrapunji

To reach Cherrapunji, you first to reach Guwahati then to Shillong and therefore you have to cab or go by your personal scooter or car to Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji is 55 km far from Shillong, so it will take 2 to 3 hours to reach there. If you don’t want much rain when you travel or explore Cherrapunji then you must go in the month of June and whenever you go even on June or October or January, you must carry warm clothes. Also 2 Odomos at least or any other mosquito replicant because you will find a lot of mosquitoes in Cherrapunji. For exploring you can also rent a bike, scooter, Car or Jeep.
Here you will get to know which places you can explore in Cherrapunji

Double Decker Living Root Bridges
The bridge is living root bridge root coming from tree has become a strong bridge is called Double Decker Living Root Bridges. People make it mandatory to visit there and it looks impressive. The entry fees is free, you can go at any time and it is always open for public.

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohkalikai falls is the tallest water in India. The height of the fall is 340m. This is the plunge type of fall. You will find greenish water in the fall. In the month of December to February, the speed of the water get decreases because of the dry season in Cherrapunji.

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Seven Sister Falls
Seven sister falls is also known as Nohsngithiang. There are seven drops falling located 1 km each in South of Mawsmai. The best time to visit is in the morning. The height of the fall is 315 m. The entry fees is totally free so you can go easily.
Duwan Sing Syjem
By going down to stairs in Duwan Sing Syjem view point, you will find beautiful flowers, greenery, view and fresh air. At last you will get a big and crystal clear Waterfall. Nobody knows about this place much, that’s why you will not found any garbage lying there. Tourist awfully visit on this place. You can also have bath there. The entry fees is totally free.
Delhi to Cherrapunji – 2,015 km 
Mumbai to Cherrapunji – 2,879 km 
West Bengal to Cherrapunji – 1,086 
Assam to Cherrapunji – 688.9 km 
Uttar Pradesh to Cherrapunji – 1,501
Tamil Nadu to Cherrapunji – 3,071 km
You will not find train from any area going to Cherrapunji. 

And that’s all it was about Cherrapunji you read it out just now. See you in next blog

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