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Maldives: The world's most leading place

Geography of Maldives

Maldives is a Island made up of 26 atolls and 1190 Island. Lies in South Asia. The total area of Maldives is 219 km. The area of Maldives ranked 186th by the world. Maldives has no hills and rivers, it is only the beach country. The country region is Indian ocean and the people religion is Islam. The continent of Maldives is South Asia. The total coastlines is 1129km. The lowest point of the Maldives is from Pacific Ocean by 0m. Maldives is a independent country. The national language spoken by the local people is the Dhivehi, also spoken English, Chinese, Russian and many more languages. It is the best tourist place. People are often used to visit Maldives in holiday time. There is a decrease amount of tsunami and more disaster because of Maldives atolls. It have a big submarine type structure walls which reduces the power of ocean when the tsunami is going to be occurd. This is also called as natural protections against the disasters. Maldives is also known as most clear water in the world, it have a crystal clear water. Maldives is also known as republic of Maldives. The capital is Malé. Currency used in Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa. Malé is the largest area of Maldives. The population as per 2021 is approximately 557,426.
Culture of Maldives
Maldives have a rich and traditional culture. It have a mixed culture of India, Sri Lanka, Arab, Indonesia, Malaysia and Persian. People of Maldives are known as Dhivehin. The National and traditional dress is Dhigu Hedhun and the famous fruit of Maldives is Maafushi, it is not a fruit it is a land the most agriculture land of Maldives. Main fruit eaten is Breadfruit, Mangoes, Chili Pepper, Papayas and more. As you know that Maldives is totally covered with water in all the four side so you will not find any land animals you will find water animals like Batoinds, Manta rays, Eagle rays, Whale Shark, Green sea turtle, sea turtle and more.
Weather of Maldives 
Maldives have tropical climate. Temperature of Maldives in an average goes between 26°C to 29°C. The warmest month of Maldives is March and April. Coldest month is December. The best time to visit Maldives is November to April. October is the rainiest month of Maldives. As per travelling or exploring the cheapest month is March, like whenever you will buy so you will get the cheapest rate as per usual.
Cuisines of Maldives
The main food of Maldives is fish only because local people of Maldives are depend on seafood. The main snacks of Maldives is samosa. The interesting fact of fast food in Maldives is you will not find McDonald’s restaurant there. The traditional food is the Dhivehi Cuisine, the all the local food is made with coconut you will find coconut taste in every local food. You will find veg and non veg restaurant both. As per people review the taste of the food is delicious. The national dish is Gish dish with smoked fish and deep fried.
Festivals of  Maldives
Independence day26th July
Republic day11th November
Different festivals of Eid is also celebrated
There are not too much festivals in Maldives, only these three are only celebrated.
Agriculture of Maldives
There are tropical vegetables grown like Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pineapples, almonds, corn and more but instead of the tropical vegetables the most eatable is fishing because Maldives is totally water area, local people are used to depend on sea food, so they are used to eat fish and other sea food most. Also they grow coconut tree because they have to use coconut in their food.
Politics in Maldives
There is no prime minister in Maldives. Ibrahim Mohamed solih is the president of Maldives, elected in 2018 from Unitary President Republic, party from Maldevian democratic Party. The vice president of Maldives is Faisal Naseem.
Tourism in Maldives
As a travel guide
You must carry sunglasses and sun cream because of lots of heat and bright sun, otherwise it will burn your skin.
Don’t ever touch corals from the sea.
Throw your garbage bag in dustbin specially plastic bags and it is the strict rules by the government otherwise you have to pay fine
Places to visit in Maldives
Every area and Island in Maldives is amazing but fews destination like
Addu Attol
Addu city
Best time to visit Maldives is November to April. Maldives is full of beaches but you can find a little bit forest area in Gan, so you can enjoy forest area in Maldives.
Hotels in Maldives
You will find different type of hotels and some interesting types of hotels. Every resort have their pool or private beach. Prefer to not to live in congested area like malé
Underwater hotels 
The Conrad,  is the first underwater hotel with a luxury residence and two bedroom. It is 16 feet below from sea level.
The Muraka
Ithaa undersea hotel
Resorts with beach view 
Nando’s Maldives
Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo
Reethi Fara resort
W Maldives
Kurumba Maldives
Centara Grand Island Resort
Ayada Maldives
Grand Park Kodhipparu
Furaveri Maldives
Kihaa Maldives
That are the hotels and resorts for living best.
Transport in Maldives
For entering in Maldives, you have to come by aeroplane from your country even its France, India, America or Malaysia. When you will reach to Maldives airport (Velana International airport, lies in malé). For entering Maldives, after reaching Maldives airport you have to book a ferry to go malé, the ferry which you will get in airport will only transfer you to malé. You will get ferry in every 10 minutes.
If you want to reach to your destination like hotels or restaurant or any other island accept malé, so you can book your Maldives transfer aeroplane, it is just like ferry, but it’s aeroplane, it will also transfer you to your destination except malé.
So this was about Maldives : The best tourist place. Thank you for reading, see you in next blog.

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